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PSA Camps are a great way for children ages 4 - 14 years old to stay active during the Summer, Spring and Winter breaks from school. Campers will have the opportunity to play all of their favorite sports in a fun and supportive environment as well as classic camp games and activities. PSA Camps are designed for children to help promote a healthy lifestyle, to encourage making new friends and to offer the opportunity to try new sports in a fun and social atmosphere.

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    Select the program that best suits your needs.

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    At check-out, you can select additional camp dates & sports on different weeks or times.

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    Choose a program with dates and times that align with your schedule and the sports you wish to participate in.

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Volunteer Opportunities

As a Volunteer coach, you have the incredible opportunity to nurture young talents and help them grow not only as players but also as individuals. Your guidance, encouragement, and mentorship can instill invaluable life skills while encouraging confidence and creating a lasting impact on the youth!


Joining our Coaching Staff allows you to share your love for the game with others. Whether you're assisting the young children that are just starting out or seasoned players honing their skills, your enthusiasm and knowledge can inspire and motivate them to reach their full potential. Join us now to serve as a role model for the Youth of Northern Virginia!