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What Does PSa Have to offer?

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    The PSA After School Basketball sessions are a great way for Pre K - 4th grade students to burn off energy after school and enjoy learning about and playing the sport of basketball with their friends. Participants will engage in scrimmages, relay races and other basketball specific activities to develop their dribbling, passing and shooting techniques each week in a safe and fulfilled environment!

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    The PSA After School Soccer program offers fun and high energy sessions directly after school for students from PreK - 4th grade. Students will enjoy playing the beautiful game and working on their skills each week with our enthusiastic PSA staff. Players will develop their balance and coordination as well as the fundamental techniques of the sport through our guided curriculum and soccer-specific games and scrimmages. 

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    Flag Football

    This fun and high energy class is offered to students from Kindergarten - 4th grade. The PSA will teach students the rules of flag football and develop their overall health and fitness through our fun exercises and guided curriculum. Students will participate in active games as well as take time to develop their motor skills and coordination through age specific flag football scrimmages.

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    PSA Tennis is a great program for 1st - 4th grade students to improve their comfort with the racket and overall tennis skills. Our coaches will incorporate warm up exercises to enhance balance, coordination and reactions in addition to technique building drills and playing some classic tennis games each week.

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    Running Club

    The PSA running club will teach students the importance of physical fitness and overall health by incorporating fun games and exercises within our guided curriculum. Students will participate in active games as well as take time to develop their cardio fitness through a variety of fun-runs each session.  

Resources for parents & Coaches

Thank you for considering becoming a PSA SPORTS youth coach. Your commitment to providing the best experience for our children is crucial to the success of our programs.

  • Your commitment to providing the best experience for our children is crucial to our success.
  • We value effective communication and creating a positive sports experience over complex strategies.
  • Instilling values and fostering a love for the game is a top priority.
  • Youth sports offer benefits like improved academics and behavior.
  • Success is measured by how many kids choose to return, not win-loss records.
  • Providing equal playing time for all is a key principle.
  • We focus on teaching fundamental skills in a supportive environment.
  • Embracing mistakes as part of learning is essential.
  • All team members deserve equal opportunities and quality coaching.
  • Games are extensions of practices, offering additional learning.
  • True learning happens through active participation, not sitting on the bench.
  • Prioritize growth and development in a positive, inclusive environment.
  • Your dedication is appreciated in creating a memorable experience.

At PSA SPORTS, we prioritize positive coaching techniques that promote growth, resilience, and a healthy attitude towards mistakes. By embodying these behaviors, coaches play a crucial role in fostering a supportive and encouraging environment for young athletes to thrive and develop both on and off the field.

  • Acknowledge Effort: Praise children for their commitment to sports, not just achievements.
  • Celebrate Small Victories: Recognize even the smallest positives and provide specific compliments.
  • Public Praise, Private Criticism: Offer public praise and address areas for improvement privately.
  • Maintain Calmness: Stay composed when addressing mistakes and promote learning from them.
  • Balance Reactions: Remain calm and composed to create a safe learning environment.

At PSA SPORTS, our coaches prioritize creating a positive and supportive atmosphere for young athletes, where realistic expectations, respect, and game enjoyment are fundamental. By embodying these behaviors, PSA SPORTS coaches play a crucial role in fostering a love for sports, personal growth, and lifelong participation in athletic activities.

  • Realistic and Attainable Expectations: Set reasonable expectations based on individual abilities and growth rates.
  • Motivation Awareness: Understand different motivations among athletes and tailor coaching approach accordingly.
  • Dedication and Fun: Create an enjoyable environment to sustain dedication and prevent burnout.
  • Respectful Treatment: Treat every child with respect and foster mutual respect among players and coaches.
  • Building Resilience: Encourage learning from mistakes and foster a growth mindset.
  • Maintain Perspective: Embrace mistakes as teaching moments and provide supportive feedback.

At PSA SPORTS, we believe maintaining a fun and inclusive environment, fostering teamwork, and upholding sportsmanship are essential to a positive sports experience. Our coaches embody these values, ensuring that young athletes develop their skills and grow as individuals, learning valuable life lessons through sports.

  • Fun is Our Priority: Ensuring every child experiences joy, excitement, and laughter in sports.
  • Emphasize Teamwork: Fostering a sense of belonging and recognition for all players, promoting inclusivity.
  • Role Model Sportsmanship: Prioritizing good sportsmanship on and off the field, leading by example.

At PSA SPORTS, our coaches embody these traits, creating an environment that fosters growth, sportsmanship, and fun for young athletes. We believe that through these qualities, coaches can make a lasting impact on the lives of children involved in our programs.

  • Enthusiastic and Approachable: Creating a welcoming and enjoyable environment for young athletes.
  • Dedication to Youth Development: Prioritizing children's well-being and growth over personal gains.
  • Safety and Welfare First: Ensuring a secure and nurturing environment for young athletes.
  • Patient and Respectful: Exercising patience and understanding individual pressures.
  • Caring for Players as Individuals: Valuing players' personal growth beyond athletic performance.
  • Encouraging and Positive: Motivating players to dream and set ambitious goals.
  • Upholding Fair Play and Sportsmanship: Respecting rules and exemplifying good sportsmanship.
  • Player-Centered Approach: Prioritizing players' experience and well-being during games.
  • Key Role in Athletic Experience: Holding a vital role in shaping a positive experience for players.
  • Success measured by Personal Growth: Success is measured by earning respect and fostering positive social growth in players.

PSA SPORTS upholds these core principles to provide a positive and inclusive sports experience that prioritizes fun, age-appropriate instruction, healthy competition, safety, and the development of good sportsmanship. We strive to create an environment where children can thrive, grow, and enjoy their sports journey to the fullest.

  • Fun is Essential: Prioritizing fun, skill development, and enjoyment of the game.
  • Age-Appropriate Instruction: Tailoring coaching to each child's developmental stage.
  • Healthy Competition: Emphasizing positive competition and sportsmanship.
  • Inclusivity for All: Providing an inclusive environment for every child to participate.
  • Safety First: Ensuring a safe play environment with thorough background checks.
  • Fostering Good Sportsmanship: Emphasizing teamwork, fair play, and character development.


  • Attend Coaches Meetings and Clinics: Active participation in valuable meetings and clinics.
  • Uphold PSA SPORTS Youth Philosophy and Coaching Standards: Support positive, inclusive, and skill-focused coaching.
  • Establish Communication with Parents: Introduce yourself and be accessible for inquiries.
  • Wear Coaches T-Shirt: Identify yourself during games for players and parents.
  • Utilize PSA Sports Mobile Coach App: Access resources for practice plans and more.
  • Familiarize Yourself with the Rulebook: Understand sport-specific rules and regulations.
  • Coordinate with Site Manager: Gather necessary equipment and receive sportsmanship medals.
  • Lead Practices and Games: Take charge, teach skills, and promote sportsmanship.