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Thinking about your next move?

If you're looking for a career change or a new venture, consider joining The PSA team. Build a fulfilling future where you can make a positive impact on youth while pursuing your passion and making real money.

Take the leap and become part of The PSA, where you can enjoy what you do while leaving a lasting mark on young lives. With our support and comprehensive approach, you can create a successful sports academy business that brings joy and value to children and their families.

The PSA's complete model encompasses everything from Pre-school to After School Sports, leading to club sports, and eventually, competitive sports programs. With a focus on providing fun sports activities for children of all ages and abilities, this niche approach allows you to avoid direct competition with local sports clubs. By building a strong presence in your neighborhood or city, you can expand into offering youth club options, tournaments, and camps, establishing lasting relationships with children and parents.

The PSA offers a diverse range of sports programs, including soccer, basketball, running clubs, flag football, fun fitness, and yoga for young students. Once you secure a contract with a school for one sport, you have a higher chance of adding more sports to their offerings, increasing revenue opportunities.

At The PSA, we have professionally curated and developed sports curriculums for each session throughout the season. These pre-made curriculums ensure high-quality and enjoyable sessions for all registrants.

The PSA has developed a sales infrastructure that streamlines your sales approach, saving time and effort. Our established methodology helps you acquire more schools and registrations effectively.

The PSA's founders possess over 15 years of coaching experience, which they have transformed into a coaching education module and hiring procedure. This enables you to expand your coaching team effectively and efficiently.

The PSA provides pre-made marketing materials tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, we continually create new marketing resources to support your business growth.