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After School Sports in Charlotte, NC

Through a variety of age-appropriate games, exercises, and activities, children develop fundamental movement skills, coordination, balance, and spatial awareness. Our experienced instructors create a safe and stimulating environment where children can explore their abilities, build confidence, and develop a positive attitude towards physical activity.

Convenient- Active- FUN

  • Seasonal programs during the fall, winter and spring seasons.

  • Convenient sessions directly after school on school grounds: gymnasiums, classrooms, multipurpose rooms and grass fields.

  • Fully qualified coaches with Background Checks and Virtus Certification

  • Donation back to the school every season for each student enrolled with the PSA

  • Principal and parent referrals available upon request.

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The PSA after-school sports program offers a variety of sports and activities for participants. Some of the sports and activities commonly offered may include soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, tennis, track and field, martial arts, dance, gymnastics, and fitness programs. The specific sports and activities available may vary depending on the program, age group, and location. It's recommended to review the program details or contact the organizers for a comprehensive list of sports and activities offered in the PSA after-school sports program.

The schedule and duration of typical PSA After-school program sessions vary based on the specific program, age group, and location. Sessions are generally 1 hour long and held once or twice a week in the late afternoon or early evening, after school hours. Some programs may offer consecutive sessions on different days, featuring different sports or activities. Certain programs may also have seasonal structures, such as fall, winter, spring, or summer seasons, with varying durations. For precise information on the schedule and duration of the PSA After-school program sessions in your area, it's recommended to review program details or contact the organizers directly.

PSA After-school programs are designed to be inclusive and welcoming to children of all skill levels. There are typically no prerequisites or skill level requirements to participate in these programs. The focus is on providing a positive and supportive environment where children can learn, develop new skills, and enjoy sports and activities at their own pace..

PSA prioritizes the safety and well-being of children in the After-school program through various safety measures:

  1. Supervision: Trained coaches closely supervise children during activities.
  2. Facility Safety: Programs are held in safe facilities that meet standards.
  3. Age-Appropriate Activities: Activities and equipment are tailored to preschoolers' developmental needs.
  4. First Aid and Emergencies: Coaches are trained in first aid, and protocols are in place.
  5. Safety Guidelines: Specific guidelines ensure proper warm-up, equipment safety, and injury prevention.

PSA maintains open communication with parents, providing updates and addressing concerns. For comprehensive safety information, review program details or contact organizers directly.

Registering for a PSA After-school program is typically done through our League App online registration process. Here's a general overview of how to register:

  1. Visit the PSA website: Go to the official PSA website and choose your geographic location.
  2. Browse programs: Explore the different after-school programs offered by PSA, including the specific sports or activities, age groups, and specific school locations.
  3. Select a program: Choose the program that best suits your child's interests and schedule.
  4. Complete the registration form: Fill out the online registration form with the required information, including your child's personal details, emergency contact information, and any specific requests or considerations.
  5. Review program details: Take the time to review the program details, including the schedule, fees, and any additional requirements or information provided.
  6. Submit payment: Make the necessary payment as indicated during the registration process. Payment methods may vary but can include online payment options or instructions for other payment arrangements.
  7. Confirmation and communication: Upon successful registration and payment, you will receive a confirmation email or notification with further details about the program. You may also receive communication regarding important updates or any additional information required.

It's important to note that the registration process may vary slightly depending on the specific after-school program or location. It's recommended to visit the PSA website or contact the program organizers directly for detailed registration instructions and any specific requirements for your chosen program.

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